Feb 252011$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch Coupon

Write a quick review of Hidden Valley Ranch and they’ll reward you with a $1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch coupon. That should make for salad dressing around $1 or less.

(Thanks Rose Knows Coupons!)


  1. Gail Woodward says:


  2. The things we do to get a coupon for a $1.00, lol.

  3. The entire family loves this dressing! We use it on salads, fries, and even pizza.

  4. My whole family loves this dressing we use it on everything !!

  5. good stuff

  6. patricia veuleman says:

    my family loves hidden valley…i have to start buying the huge one

  7. YUMMY!!

  8. my son loves it on chicken!– and everything else!

  9. Sandra Roberson says:

    It’s the best. Duh!

  10. We love this dressing!!

  11. 🙂

  12. It’s good on just about anything!

  13. The best salad dressing.

  14. MERRY SMITH says:


  15. Hidden valley is the best ranch dressing

  16. Love saving money on a dressing I love!

  17. I love ranch! I put it on everything!!!

  18. I submitted a review and no coupon.

  19. i love hidden valley ranch!!!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Nothing beats Hidden Valley Ranch! NOTHING!

  21. Jennifer says:

    You have to click on the Hidden Valley Ranch Coupon link above and leave a review on their website.

  22. I use the Hidden Valley mix with my mashed potatoes !!

  23. Tiffany says:

    Don’t buy anything but Hidden Valley..

    So delish..

  24. Love it! It’s the best!

  25. so creamy. Great with clubhouse crackers!

  26. A. Fernsten says:

    my picky eater loves her veggies with the hidden valley to dip them in.. Raw or cooked doesn’t matter I haven’t found a veggie yet she wont try!! LOVE IT

  27. rsorre21 says:


  28. Great resource..thank you

  29. Great stuff..Nothing else comes close to the original flavor

  30. Great flavors and wonderful recipes

  31. Wonderful product, love ranch and the recipes hidden valley has!!

  32. Instead of sour cream in your twice baked potatoes, use Hidden Valley Ranch!!!!

  33. Love this for a pizza sauce alternative

  34. Love Hidden Valley Ranch!! I use it in baked potatoes, salads, pizza sauces and I even enjoy it with my veggies. 🙂

  35. Great product! I use it from the simple to complex, no kitchen is complete without it!

  36. Best ranch ever

  37. christina says:

    love the dip

  38. christina says:


  39. Linda Carver says:

    Very good!

  40. Great Proudct!!

  41. Danica Bailey says:

    Our family loves Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing! We dip veggies, cheese, etc to make good things taste even better!

  42. Bought Weekly in our household!

  43. Hidden Valley Ranch is a food staple around our house!

  44. delish!

  45. Delish!!!!

  46. YUMMY

  47. sweet!

  48. Stephanie says:

    I always use to use Kraft ranch dressing, that is until I tried Hidden Valley, I will never buy another kind of Ranch dressing other than Hidden Valley. The taste is just so delicious!!

  49. There is nothing my kids won’t eat Ranch on! Popcorn chicken with Ranch is a FAV! Thanks!!!

  50. Ranch dressing is awsome on everything

  51. Betty F says:

    Wonderfull tasting just try…….

  52. Sprinkle over deep fried mini tator tots!

  53. Ranch Lover says:

    Love that Ranch!

  54. The ONLY Ranch I will use!!!

  55. My kids won’t use any other Ranch but Hidden Valley Ranch – YUM-O!

  56. Best dressing ever!!!!!!!!

  57. Delicious

  58. Hidden Valley is the best!

  59. Love Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning. I love putting it on my potatoes and baking them to go with burgers or pork chops. We eat our potatoes like this 2 or 3 times a week, and the kids like them too.

  60. Can’t have a meal without the kids using Hidden Valley Ranch on Something! It is mandatory for the table !!

  61. The new farmhouse flavors are my new favorites.

  62. best in the world! my kids won’t use anything else!

  63. Yum!

  64. My kids love ranch on EVERYTHING….and we love Hidden Valley Ranch, nothing compares!!

  65. sandra steiner says:

    Kraft Hidden Valley Dressing makes everything tate better..We love it

  66. YUMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. 🙂

  68. My family loves hidden valley Ranch. The drench everything in it.

  69. It’s awesome!

  70. It is the only dressing my daughter and I eat.

  71. cecily harper says:

    best dressing around!

  72. Yum!


  74. The Blue Cheese is the best

  75. I love using Hidden Valley Ranch on my potatoes…cut them up, add some oil, shake in a bag, put in oven…I usually use 350….cook till you like them…they are great…

  76. I love Hidden Valley ranch as a dipping sauce for chicken strips

  77. so good

  78. My family loves HVR!

  79. delicious!

  80. We take our own supply everywhere.

  81. Love this Stuff!!!!

  82. cant live without it….

  83. Becky Edwards says:

    I love Hidden Valley Ranch for salads, cooking, dipping, etc. My family will not eat any other kind of ranch dressing!

  84. We love the HVR farmhouse tom and bacon on our nightly spinach salad!

  85. We love Farmhouse tomato and bacon on our spinach salad.

  86. Molena Gould says:

    Finally tried it and its so creamy and tasty!