Feb 162011$1/1 Weight Watchers Ice Cream Coupon

Someone asked me the other day on the Saving with Shellie Facebook page for some Weight Watchers coupons. Well, I spotted this $1/1 Weight Watchers Ice Cream coupon this morning. You can also find a $1/1 Weight Watchers Sweet Bakery coupon.



  1. Be sure you check the date on the posts. This coupon was from back in February. Coupons have very short life spans and typically last 30 days at most and can be gone in a few hours when they are particularly hot.

  2. Gina Pirani says:

    Wherre is the Weight Watchers $1/1 coupon? What a rip off

  3. Ed Mulcock says:

    Shelly, you say you spotted the Weight Watchers Ice Cream coupon…sent me to another website where I went through 16 pages of coupons but no Weight Watchers Ice Cream. You must be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other!

    • Printable coupons typically only last 30 days at most. Some are only a few hours or days. This post was from February of 2011 so this coupon is no longer available.