May 032009$20 in Slim-Fast Coupons


UPDATE: These coupons are no longer available.

Get $20 in Slim-Fast printable coupon with these steps:

1. Go HERE to register for a free Slim-Fast weight loss program.
2. Confirm the registration email.
3. Login HERE to print $8 in coupons now.
4. You’ll receive $12 in coupons by email within 3 weeks.

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!


  1. Jeannette Bell says:

    Slim fast optima controls hunger for at least four hours. It works well for me.

  2. Theresa says:

    Wal-Mart will not take printable coupons because they are not getting reimbursed. Can’t use your Slimfast printable coupons.

    Shellie says: All Walmart stores are supposed to accept internet printable coupons. I suggest printing their corporate coupon policy and taking it with you when you shop. You can get it straight from their website HERE.

  3. I always use internet printable coupons at our Walmart. I think it depends on the store itself. I was told only by one Walmart store (which was out of my town) that they did not take them any more when I told my Walmart about it they said they just did not want to fool with them that they are allowed to take them. That was the only time I have ever had any trouble with them so I never go back to that Walmart.

  4. victoria tiffany says:

    I cannot get to the coupon page. I keep clicking on here and have to sign in again but never get to the coupons. Around and around but no coupons HELP!

  5. Cannot get the coupons as promised when I registered