Feb 262013$25 Restaurant.com Vouchers for $4

Restaurant.com has a new special offer on all their gift certificates. Get a $25 gift certificate for only $4 when you use code HURRY at checkout. If you missed my original post about Restaurant.com, check it out HERE. Be sure to read the fine print for each restaurant before you buy. Most have minimum purchase requirements and Valentine’s Day may be excluded

This is one of my favorite promotions and probably the one I take advantage of the most. I love Restaurant.com because it gives me and Stan the opportunity to try new restaurants that would normally be out of our price range. Or ones we’re a little iffy on – like maybe we’ve heard it’s good but we’re not quite sure it’s for us.

Local readers: You’ll find lots of local restaurants included like: Hudson’s on the Bend, Kinichi, Bess Bistro, Driskill Grill, Wink and more.

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