Jun 032009$2.99 Hair Dryer at Walgreens


I heard from several of you readers that the Revlon hair dryer is ringing up at Walgreens this week for $12.99 instead of $19.99. When you get the $10 RRs back it makes the dryer $2.99. Sweet!

Happy Drying!


  1. ooo I need one of these for my daughter and her 24 inches of long hair!

  2. ILUV2SHOP247 says:

    yeah, great dryer…scored 3 today!!! Nice way to “roll” your meter RR! 😀

  3. Wow! What an awesome deal! I just bought a pink one and you’re right…they are $12.99 with $10.00 RR. I guess my old hairdryer broke down at the right time.
    Love your newsletter!!!!!