Sep 022010$.35/1 Martha White Baking Mix Coupon

It seems that most areas have a $.55/2 Martha White Baking Mix coupon available for them on However, if you use zip code 90210 you’ll get a $.35/1 Martha White Baking Mix coupon. Remember, Randalls and Kroger triple coupons up to $.39 so these will likely be very close to free after the coupon multiplies.

If you do this deal at your local store, please leave a comment and let us know how much they are.


  1. Thanks for the info., Shellie. However, I didn’t see any coupon for the muffin mix on my zip or 90210. Odd. Well, I was able to get some other coupons I can use.:)

    Also, I hope you are well & your newborn is thriving!

  2. I still see it. Try sorting by “food”. It was on page 3 for me.

  3. Tina — did you try going directly to or did you try to load the page through another site like MyPoints, etc? I tried first through MyPoints and didn’t see it — but went directly to and it was there. Just an FYI to help you find it. Thanks Shellie for posting this! We love the banana nut muffins – they’re great for when you have bananas starting to go brown. I just mash one or two up into the mix and they’re delicious!! And now, FREE!! (Everything tastes better when it’s free, you know? LOL)

  4. thank you. still works for the zip now! Q is up there, thanks again!