Nov 022010Amazon: $5 Full Album Downloads

Each month Amazon offers 100 full album downloads for only $5. If you like a particular artist or enjoy more than five songs on a single album, this is significantly cheaper than downloading them song-by-song or paying for the full album on iTunes.

Plus, this month they are offering a bunch of Christmas music albums! This is a great way to get some inexpensive holiday music to get you in the spirit. The price is valid all month so if it’s a little too early for you now, you can still snag them later this month for $5. Here are a few of the Christmas titles:

And if you’re just not up for Christmas music, there are some other great participating titles:

Or see the full list of 100 Albums HERE.

In case you aren’t familiar with downloading music from Amazon, it is really easy. First you are prompted to download their downloader tool. Once you have that installed, the songs download through that and automatically pop into your iTunes or media program of your choice. It is simple.

Happy Downloading!