May 172018Anti-Mosquito Stickers | 24 Pack – $3.99


Check out these Anti-Mosquito Stickers! They are made with Essential Oil and just $3.99 for a set!

This is a parent must-have product!! They can be used these everywhere by the pool, at the park or even a walk around the block. Put a sticker on everyone and not one bite!!! Not to mention no more harmful bug sprays!

The special adhesive allows you to stick them on a piece of clothing or a location near the body, such as trousers, socks, sneakers, shirts, hoodie sweatshirts or even at the edge of a table, on a chair or stroller. They are super easy to apply and they stay stuck! Now you can focus on your family and guests and not the bugs and the PESTS!

Get your set today!

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