Nov 012012Are You Going To Eat All THAT Candy?

This is a Guest Post brought to you by Leah Smith from Kids Kitchen.

Halloween is a fun and exciting day for kids.  Some may like the idea of dressing up as a certain character, getting to wear make up or a painted face, going door-to-door with friends/family/neighbors at night (in the dark mostly)and yes to some kids…. it’s all about the candy!

In OUR family, we have never made the focus be candy, but the costumes more of the fun festivities.  When they get back from trick-or-treating, they dump out their pumpkin buckets to see what they got.  If they got anything that could be considered a ‘snack’ then that goes in the snack drawer.  As far as the candy goes, they get to have a couple of pieces that night.  Then, they pick out 10 more to eat however they choose in the next week.  The rest has been donated to Daddy in the past.  Still not sure what we are doing with the rest of our candy this year, but below are some great ideas.  I know my kids will love doing these science experiments.

5 Things to do with all that Halloween Candy:

1. Science ExperimentsPepper Paints & Kids Health

These pages have great ideas from the Chocolate Bloom, to Food Coloring separations on coffee filters, Acid Test, and Destiny Rainbow.

2.  Donate – Halloween Candy Buy Back

You can enter your zip code on this website to find a participating dentist in your area that will pay money for your candy.  Candy goes overseas to troops.

3. Bake

If you choose to make holiday goodies, crush it up and add it to brownie, cookie, or cake batter.

4. Artwork

Skittles would make a beautiful rainbow glued onto paper. Think Starburst houses, or tootsie roll log cabins.  These non-natural colors created with food dyes are bright.  Bright colors not true to any real rainbow, yes.  But, still fun to ‘candy color’ your paper.

5. Home Decor

Go Martha Stewart here.  Options are endless.  Save for Gingerbread House decorating, lue onto a wooden picture frame, glue candy onto a ball for a brightly colored ornament or wreath,  use in centerpieces, etc.

But, here are my thoughts this year – if we are choosing to eat less, or no candy at all for health reasons (because of teeth, GMO, high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, diabetes, weight management….) then why do we want it to decorate our homes?  The answer may be as simple as….because its colorful!  What do you think?

Leah Smith is a Registered Dietitian and Mom of 2 children in elementary school.  Leah blogs about kid and family friendly healthy recipes at and teaches kids cooking classes at the Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar Park, TX. Find her on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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  1. Those science experiments look really fun! I think my son would love to give up some of his candy to try one of those. Thanks!