Jan 072011BOGO Vitamin Water Coupon

If you “Like” Vitamin Water on Facebook, you’ll have access to a BOGO Vitamin Water coupon.

These often go on sale 10/$10 and ocassionally have ECB deals at CVS and gift card deals at Target. For local readers, I noticed peelies on the bottle at HEB. I think it was $.50/1 but I’m not certain.

(Thanks Freebies 4 Mom!)


  1. Julie West says:

    I just tried to use this coupon at Ralph’s (a Kroger company) and they refused to take it. They said that since it wasn’t printed in color and I hadn’t gotten it in the mail they were not able to accept it. I talked with the manager and he said that the company had been advised that there was many fraudulent websites popping up and they were producing invalid coupons. Complete bummer but now I’m concerned other computer printed coupons will be rejected as well. Have you heard anything like this before?

    • Maybe you could print out their Facebook page where it advertises the coupon. Or bring it up on your phone and show the manager. Maybe that might entice him to take it. I have heard that Kroger is cracking down on internet coupons. It’s not their corporate policy though so it probably varies by store.

  2. Mine printed in color….did your printer have color ink? Jewel has Vitamin water 10?$10 right now and if you buy 10 they take an additional $3 off and in their health and wellness free coupon booklet there is a coupon for another $3 off. For a total of 10/$4 plus you can use this facebook coupon. I’m not sure for how long but hope this helps! Oh and they have vitamin water reusable bags for 1 penny!

  3. bambi ellison says:

    i see you have the coupons would love if you guys mail to us or in sundays paper

  4. Nanci Martinez says:

    The vitimin water coupon is no where to be found, I just wasted an hour of my time and downloaded 6 bs coupon sites that all list the same printable coupons. Why is this so convoluted and round about???

    • Because you are trying to print a coupon from January. This is no longer available. Check the date on posts before you spend so much time. Most printable coupon are only available for a few weeks at most. Sometimes only hours.

  5. many of the stores wont accept internet generated ‘FREE’ anything on coupons since if its fraudulent that’s inventory walking right out the door. cant blame the stores.