Sep 092014Jingit Dr Pepper Tailgating Promotion + Giveaway!


Aren’t you just loving that college football is back!? We have spent the last two weekends watching games and I wonder how I have survived the past 10 months! Even better than watching games on TV is tailgating. We go on occasion to the football games here in town and I think tailgating is an even bigger event than the actual game!

If you are trying to save big on everything for your tailgate party, be sure to check out the Jingit App. Remember, I told you about Jingit last week? It’s a cash back and rebate app that is simple to download and use.  The store-based savings allow stacking since store cards, sales, and coupons can all be used before Jingit. To take advantage:

  1. Download the Jingit App
  2. Reserve a deal by tapping on the screen
  3. Shop for the item(s) within 24 hours
  4. Scan the receipt
  5. Get paid!


Right now there is a fun Jingit Dr. Pepper Tailgating Promotion at Target. Through Septemeber 27 when you purchase 3 participating Dr. Pepper products at a participating Target store, you will receive a cozy stadium blanket for free, while supplies last.


You can never have too many blankets and getting one for free is an added perk. I know here in Texas people LOVE their Dr. Pepper. Since you’re buying it anyway, you may as well take advantage of the Jingit offer and get a free blanket!

I got a blanket the other day and it will be perfect for tailgating and those colder high school football games. Of course, since it’s still sweltering in Texas, I’ll just be using it to snuggle up on the couch until November or so. :)

image-1 image-2 image-4 image

As long as you are checking out the Jingit App. Don’t miss other offers that are perfect for tailgating. I spotted cash back offers for charcoal, portable chairs, ground beef and even Coleman coolers! Download the app and see what offers you have available!

Another reason to give Jingit a try? They are giving away a $500 Target gift card to one lucky winner! Why can’t it be you? Download the Jingit App today and enter the giveaway below.

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Mar 282014GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to NeedTo


Let’s face it ladies. Life as a mom is hectic. You have to cook, clean, shop for groceries, shuttle little ones to all their activities, check homework, meet with teachers, plan birthdays, do laundry and pack lunches. I don’t know about you but even with just two kids I find I often need to be in two places at once which means running back and forth and having to skip grocery shopping or laundry. Then add in the extra busyness with holidays or Spring Break and it reaches a whole new level of crazy.

This is why I was so excited to hear about a new service here in Austin, Texas called It provides a way for busy moms and dads to get help with just about anything. Gotta to run a kid to soccer and need someone to walk the dog? Your spouse has been coaching little league games every Saturday for the past 6 weeks and your yard looks like the Amazon? You bought a new dishwasher but can’t stomach the installation charge? Your house looks like a tornado went through it and you are expecting company in a few hours? It’s all at the click of a mouse.

NeedTo is a new social helping platform that connects helpers with people who want work completed. Posting jobs is free on People can choose helpers based on qualifications, reviews and ratings from other people, offer a price – or a combination of these elements. Employers only pay when the task is completed. Here’s a brief video about all NeedTo has to offer.

I listed all the ways it can help busy parents but works for more than household chores. Its a temp agency without the paperwork and lets employers decide on staffing each day. Hire extra hands for production or to meet a shipping deadline. Or use the service yourself to find a job. You can help tutor students, mow lawns, patch drywall, pickup BBQ. It’s a great way to find some odd jobs to earn extra cash.

COUPON CODE: Wanna give NeedTo a try? Get $10 off your first job with coupon code SHELLIE10 at checkout. This will give you a great opportunity to check something off your To Do List without breaking the bank. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think about NeedTo last month. I would have gladly paid someone to camp out at 5am for preschool registration for me!

GIVEAWAY: In addition to the $10 off Coupon Code, NeedTo is generously offering one lucky local SavingWithShellie reader a $50 coupon for their first job! Have your windows washed. Have someone clean your rain gutters or put together some furniture. I can think of any number of tasks my husband and I would gladly have done for us!

Wanna win? Just click the image below to enter.

ss_logo (1)

Don’t live in Austin? Stay tuned! NeedTo plans to ramp up Nationwide in 2014.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me for NeedTo. All opinions are my own and are not edited or approved by NeedTo. This Giveaway will end at 11:59pm CT on Thursday, 4/3/14. The winner will be selected at random.

Mar 252014FREE Fire Safety Videos + $50 Amazon Giveaway!


How old is the battery in your smoke detector? Daylight Savings Time is the perfect opportunity to replace your batteries. These should be replaced at least once a year so it’s easy to remember if you just replace them when you switch your clocks. In case you forgot two weeks ago, it’s not too late!

Just grab a 9-volt battery and and swap it out this weekend. While you are up on the ladder, inquiring minds might want to know exactly what you are doing up there. I know my boys are curious about any kind of home maintenance. Anything that involves tools or taking things apart beg the endless “Why?” questions.

This is a great time to help teach your kids about Fire Safety too! The National Fire Protection Association recently introduced some really cute Fire Safety videos. They rounded up some of the hottest kids’ bands, Recess Monkey and SteveSongs, to teach kids fire-safety through great beats and original moves.

The first video is Little Rosalie. Kids in Pre-k through 1st Grade can sing and dance along with SteveSongs as Rosalie and her little brother learn the four key steps to follow when you hear the sound of a smoke alarm. It’s really cute. My boys were mesmerized by it. They watched it probably a dozen times. We are a little under the target ages but they loved seeing Sparky the fire dog and the Firetrucks.

The second video is What’s That Sound? Best for kids in Grade 2 and 3, Recess Monkey and their gang of pals brave Sparky’s flying smoke alarm and learn what it takes to stay fire safe. This song is really catchy and fun for kids and the characters are funny. I think the older kids will really get a kick out of these!

So what’s even more fun than cute, educational YouTube videos? How about a giveaway!? I teamed up with NFPA to bring you a $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway. You buy a bunch of new smoke alarms and batteries with that! Or grab something fun just for you. :) Wanna win?

There are two ways to enter. Do one or both for extra entries. You choose.

1. Watch the videos and Leave a Comment to let me know which was your favorite and why.

2. Head over to the SavingWithShellie Facebook page. Share the Little Rosalie video or the What’s That Sound video on your own page. Then leave a comment on the Facebook post letting me know you shared it.

I’ll compile all the comments from here and Facebook and choose a winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card on Friday 3/28. The winner will be contacted via email. Good Luck!

Jan 102014GIVEAWAY: Sonic Salsa Verde Breakfast Burrito & Gift Card


Sonic Drive-in is one of my favorite places to have breakfast either on the go or just because. It’s hard to find a good breakfast on the go. I am never disappointed when hitting up the Sonic. It’s so easy and convenient plus the service is always great.

Right now they have this awesome Salsa Verde Breakfast Burrito with crisp bacon, bold salsa verde, fluffy eggs, fresh onions, melted cheddar cheese and Sonic’s signature Tots, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Sounds amazing right? I am in love!  The verde part is named for its green color. Salsa verde is a tangy combination of fire-roasted tomatillos, onions, jalapeños and roasted garlic, lending a slight heat and deep roasted flavor.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sonic also has a Salsa Verde Breakfast Toaster made with the same ooey gooey goodness, but placed between two thick slices of Texas Toast. Something amazing for everyone. Both the toaster and the burrito are finished off with Wholly™ Avocado – all-natural, 100% Hass avocado brought to you by the makers of Wholly Guacamole® brand, America’s number one selling guacamole. There is also some slight heat and deep roasted flavor to these breakfast favorites which is another reason I like them. If you don’t love every ingredient of this yummy duo, feel free to customize them to your likings. Easy enough!

If you are interested in trying these two new delicious items from Sonic you just might be in luck! We are giving an awesome prize pack away and you can try both of them for FREE!

GIVEAWAY: (1) Saving with Shellie reader will win a Sonic prize package with a $20 Sonic Gift Card, a Sonic backpack filled with Sonic goodies, five coupons for a FREE Wholly Guacamole® brand product!

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This giveaway will end Tuesday 1/14 at 11:59pm CT.

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Dec 282013GIVEAWAY: P&G New Year’s Prize Pack

Febreze SecretClinical  HeadShouldersCascade

New Years Eve is right around the corner. If you are throwing a party or just attending one, don’t forget that P&G Products are perfect for making life easier and your party spectacular. Pamper yourself this season with these tips helpful tips and tricks!

:: Look Fabulous

  • Don’t forget all of those party photos you will take as you ring in the new year. Pantene® Pro-V Expert Collection AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment for hair that acts 10 years younger and unleash beautiful and bountiful hair.
  • You can feel comfortable dancing the night away with Secret® Clinical Strength Stress Response deodorant. It keep you dry so you can have fun and still look great. And while you’re at it, tuck some Tampax® Pearl Active™ tampons and Always® Ultra Thin Soft & Clean™ pads in your purse. Because you never know..
  • There’s no reason why you should be the only one looking great. Help your man smell nice with Old Spice® Pure Sport™ Bar Soap and Head & Shoulders® Old Spice® 2-in-1.

:: At Home

  • Keep a box of Puffs Basic™ around your house to make your loved ones feel right at home. With all the cold and allergies going around your guests will be glad to have them.
  • Having houseguests? Make family and friends jealous with Gain® Fireworks Original & Gain® Dryer Bar to boost the smell, freshness, softness and static control of your guest towels and linens.
  • Make your home smell wonderful and welcoming this season, place a Febreze® Stick & Refresh™ Starter Kit Clean Zest in your living room or anywhere else in your house for continuous freshness that lasts up to 30 days.
  • Be prepared for the pile of post-party dishes with Cascade Platinum™ pacs! They’re expertly designed to fight grease and provide the ultimate clean for your dishes with no pre-rinse, so that you can save time in the kitchen. You can hit the sack and let your dishwasher and Cascade do the work.
  • After your guests have left and you begin tidying up your home, remember to dust and get a better clean with Swiffer® Dusters Refills with Gain™ Original Scent. You not only get a great clean, but ALSO the amazing scent of Gain™. What more could you ask for?

Looking for some fun party ideas? Jazz up holiday name cards with pinecones using these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Pick pinecones in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Step 2: Roll each pinecone in glue and glitter and let dry
  • Step 3: Wedge name card into pinecone and place new name cards on well-seen surfaces like the mantel in your home—and done!

You can also just write “2014” on the place cards instead of names if you aren’t having a dinner. For more great ideas on how you can be the hostess with the mostest, visit

There will be a new P&G coupon insert in the paper on Sunday (12/29) filled with coupons for these products and others. Be sure you grab a paper this weekend so you can save big on these fabulous products!

GIVEAWAY: (1) Saving with Shellie reader will win a P&G prize package with each of the items featured above.

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