Apr 282009Cellfire


In the left section of my blog are offers by companies that sponsor my website. I just want to say thanks to all of you who click on those offers and print coupons. Those help keep my site going! You may notice a new one: the really big one that’s first. This is for Cellfire. This company is allowing you to go direct from my site straight to Cellfire. You can load coupons straight onto your card straight from my site!

For those of you new to couponing, the Tuesday Tip is a quick Cellfire Tutorial.

What is Cellfire?
Cellfire is a company that allows you to load coupons onto your store club card. When you are at the store you sswipe your card and the coupons automatically come off. There’s no clipping and no coupons to keep track of. Easy Peasy. To sign up, you will need to register your cell phone number, birth year, zip code, sex, and email address.

After you register, go to “Hot Deals” and start choosing the E-coupons you want to load. When you pick your first coupon, you will be prompted to enter your Kroger card number. After that you’re all set. New coupons become available every week and you can link straight from my site to load new ones.

Can I Use My Cell Phone?
Cellfire doesn’t just woork at the the grocery store. You can load other deals onto your cell phone. When you are ready to use them, just show your phone to the cashier and they will dedict your discount immediately. However, unless you have unlimited texting or data on your phone. This might not be a great option for you. Double check your cell plan before you sign up.

Where Does it Work?
Right now Cellfire grocery E-coupons are only available at Kroger-affiliated stores. Their website says they are working to provide you with more store options. If you don’t have a Kroger nearby but do have a Safeway-affiliated store, you can try the P&G eSaver. It works the same way. Read more HERE.

What are your experiences with Cellfire? Love it? Hate it?


  1. I LOVE cellfire! I use it all the time at Kroger. It’s awesome because you can combine the cellfire savings with paper coupons and make things free or almost free. Highly recommend!

  2. You might also want to check out Yowza!! It’s an iPhone app for mobile coupons. Different from CellFire, but, in a lot of ways, much better!