Sep 262012Discount Movie Tickets with Regal Cinema Voucher

We’ll be seeing all the hot Holiday movies coming soon. Be ready to see them for less with this Regal Cinema Voucher. For $13 you get 2 VIP Super Saver e-Tickets or choose 4 VIP Super Saver e-Tickets for $26.

I think this voucher is a nice deal. This makes the movie ticket $6.50 each. We usually don’t see theater discounts and evening ticket prices are easily $9 now so even a little savings is great in my opinion.

One thing to keep in mind is that Super Saver tickets are not valid for the first 12 days of “selected” new release films. You can pay a $1.50 upgrade fee if you really want to see one of the newer films. Also, while only two theaters are listed on the main page, it does say on the “In a Nutshell” that it’s valid at all Regal Theaters.

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