Jul 092011Extreme Couponing 101

Have you seen Extreme Couponing on TLC? The Extreme Couponing TLC show has taken saving money with coupons to new heights. I’m here to help you learn how to use coupons to maximize your savings. Transform your ordinary couponing into Extreme Couponing.

Keep in mind it’s not practical for beginners to try to copy exactly what you see on TV. These Extreme Couponing people have quite a bit of experience. But follow my Extreme Couponing Tips for Success and you’ll be coupon shopping like a pro in no time.

:: Part 1: How to Accumulate Coupons

:: Part 2: How to Organize Your Coupons

:: Part 3: How to Understand Bargain Jargon

:: Part 4: Understanding Your Coupons

:: Part 5: Knowing When to Use Your Coupon

:: Part 6: How to Use the Coupon Database

:: Part 7: How to Stack Coupons

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Happy Couponing!