Sep 152009FREE Nature Valley Nut Clusters


UPDATE: The Nut Clusters ARE part of the promo however they are NOT producing the free Capri Sun Catalina. I confirmed this myself when I went shopping this evening. I bought 7 bags + 1 box of Chex Mis bars and I received $8 off for purchasing the GM products but did not receive the Catalina. I asked the store manager and he said maybe only the items listed in the fine print of the ad generate the Cat. I called Catalina and they confirmed the Nut Clusters are not eligible for the Catalina. However, you can see that the Nut Clusters are participating in the Buy 4, Save $4 Promo on the Safeway website HERE. Just click on the “Save $4” link and if it prompts you for a zip code use 90210. Go HERE to see the receipt from my shopping trip.

Heads up Safeway shoppers: The Nature Valley Nut Clusters are part of the Buy 4, Save $4 Promo at Safeway Affiliates that begins tomorrow.

Nature Valley Nut Clusters – $2.50
-Use $1.60/1 Nut Clusters coupon (No longer available)
-Get $1/1 WYB 4
Final Price = 4 for FREE (+$.40 possible overage)

Go HERE for all the Safeway deals this week (9/16-9/22) . It’s a GREAT week!

Happy Printing!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I got my coupons from Pssst yesterday so now I can buy even more! WOOHOO!!!

  2. Jenni @ Life from the Roof says:

    I was reading on Safeway’s website that while they do accept internet printables, they can only accept ones for up to half of the value of the product you’re purchasing. Has anyone had trouble w/this? I feel kind of bad using a coupon like this if it went against their policy.

  3. My Safeway said that I could not use a coupon to end up with a free item, unless the coupon says “free item”. 🙁

  4. @Jenni:
    I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t know if it meant half of the retail reg price or half of any given sale price.

    Plus my Safeway will only let you use ONE of any like coupon per visit even though many internet printing sites let you print TWO of the same coupon.

    I wish Safeway would be consistent across the board on their ever changing it seems coupon policy.

  5. Im kind of leary about this deal too but for different reasons; my Safeway ad says the $4/4 is for the Nature Valley Bars, and not the Clusters.
    I hate getting everything rung through the register only to have the wrong deal/product.

  6. My Safeway ad is for the Nature Valley Bars. I haven’t been to the store yet, to see if the Clusters are part of the deal. If the coupons go through with no problem, I’d use them.

  7. I just got back from Safeway/Randalls and the clusters are NOT included! Only the Bars!!!!

  8. I just got back from Safeway as well and the $4 came off for the clusters. I used 4 9/13SS $1/1 coupons and doubled them for an extra $2.00 off I also had a $1/1 e-coupon hooked up to my Safeway card that came off. I bought grapes, onions and oranges to offset the overage as well. The Cat for the free caprisun didn’t print and so I asked in customer service and so she tried with 4 boxes of Cheerios and that didn’t work. At that point she gave me a raincheck for the free caprisun.

  9. I used four of the $1.60 off coupons yesterday without any problems and noticed that an extra 0.40 cents came off from a Shortcuts e-coupon. I was able to get some produce too, so my total was about $1.00. When I got home I added another e-coupon for $1.00 off nut clusters so I can do the deal again today with my $1.00 off coupon and get cereal too.

  10. I bought two boxes of Cocoa Puffs, two Clusters, two Betty Crocker Snacks, one box of trix and one box of Trail Mix bars and I did receive two Cats for the Capri Sun….I’m in Houston.