Jan 072014FREE Sample: PediaCare Single Dose


PediaCare has a new line of fever reducer for kids that comes in single dose, pre-measured packets. I have a box of these and they are awesome. I use them in the middle of the night when my kids are sick and I’m too exhausted to put in my contacts. They are also perfect for Dads and babysitters. You don’t have to write down or remind them of the proper dosage. They can just grab a pouch!

Right now you can request a FREE sample of Pediacare Single Dose pouches. Just answer some quick questions and see if you qualify.

My older son loves to squeeze it himself. I usually have to squeeze it slowly for my little one. He’s only 2. The packets are labeled by age and weight. You should definitely consult your pediatrician but most recommend dosing based on weight. That’s why my barely two-year old can have them. He is in the weight category for the 4-5 year olds pouch.

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  1. Stephanie Cosova says:

    You have to select Walgreens in order to get the sample. That’s the only way I could get it to work.