Sep 122012FREE Storia Learning App from Scholastic

There is a really cool FREE app from Scholastic right now called Storia. At a conference last month I was able to attend a breakfast hosted by Scholastic where they showed us this cool new app. This is a great way to get your kids motivated to read, increase comprehension and also challenge stronger readers. As we kick off a new school year I know parents become concerned that their kids are keeping up or being challenged enough.

Storia is a great tool for students to use in addition to their Public or Private school curriculum that makes reading fun and helps with reading comprehension which is critical for school and standardized tests. For all the home schooling mamas out there I think it is an excellent resource you can incorporate into your existing curriculum because there are parent tools that you can use to track their progress, comprehension and more.

Four great ways to use Storia:

  1. To assist a multilingual child or late reader – The read-aloud function of Storia helps kids connect the words with the sounds.
  2. As a motivator for reluctant readers – The one-on-one interaction of Storia gives reluctant readers who may be embarrassed to participate in class the confidence to read on their own. Christy used to bring dogs into the classroom for the students to read to, but now they read with Storia!
  3. As a personal tutor – Reading comprehension games and questions throughout the text quiz your reader as they go along. PLUS the parent controls allow you to see how long your child has spent reading, which words they looked up, and which books they read the most.
  4. To get your kids to beg for more non-fiction – Storia recently partnered with National Geographic to offer a greater selection of non-fiction titles for all ages. Plus, videos bring the text to life and get kids excited about reading non-fiction!

Storia can be downloaded for free at and you receive 5 free eBooks to get you started! It’s available for PC, iPad and Android Tablets.

Download for iPad here.

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  1. Ah, boo. This sounded great, but my Kindle Fire doesn’t support it 🙁 Bummer!

  2. Shannon, I bet it will soon. I know they are working to support other platforms in the future.