Sep 122011FREE Veggie Tales DVD

Here is a great deal on Veggies Tales DVDs. Perfect for a birthday gift or stocking stuffers. Choose one of five titles and get it free with coupon code VEGGIECFA. Here are the available titles:

  • Girl Power
  • Happy Together
  • Silly Little Thing Called Love
  • Abe and the Amazing Promise
  • Esther

As for shipping…when I checked out there was an option for Parcel Post which cost nothing. Since I didn’t pay for the DVD or the shipping I have no idea if it will actually come or not. Plus, Parcel Post is the absolute slowest method so it could literally take forever to arrive. You could also opt for the $3.99 shipping method. You’ll get your DVD in 7-10 days and they are much less likely to cancel your order since you actually paid something.

To get this deal:

  • Register or Login to your Veggies Tales account (you can’t use a coupon code unless you are logged in)
  • Search for your DVD: Girl Power, Happy Together, Silly Little Thing Called Love, Abe and the Amazing Promise or Esther.
  • Use coupon code VEGGIECFA

This is a partnership with Chick-fil-A and I’m not sure how long the coupon code will be available.

Veggies Tales fans: Don’t miss the free Veggie Tales Album Download!

(Thanks Passion for Savings!)


  1. What an awesome freebie! I just got one =) Thanks a bunch!

  2. I also just got one! Thank you so much for posting this great deal. I used parcel post as you mentioned and paid absolutely nothing! 🙂

  3. Great I just got one for my daughter for Christmas!! Great deal! Thanks for posting!

  4. Worked for me; I decided to pay $4.11 for first class shipping, so hopefully it’ll come. I got the Girl Power Triple Feature DVD for a Christmas gift for my two nieces. Thanks for the information!

  5. Jennifer O. says:

    Loved the words…No payment required. The site is running very slow but definitely worth it for a free DVD. This will make be a great birthday present for my daughter. Thanks so much.

  6. Is it one transaction per household?

  7. it’s telling me parcel post is a fee and MORE than ground shipping 🙁

  8. wouldnt work for me?????

  9. It took almost an hour for all the pages to load. I just kept checking back , and it finally went through! Thanks for the post!

  10. now it’s saying the DVD doesn’t exist. sad 🙁

  11. I just called and spoke to a nice lady names Stacy who told me when I asked about the $0 for parcel post, that if it happens, that the order doesn’t actually go through(even if it looks like it does) and you won’t receive anything. She said that to actually get the items you have to pay the shipping. Bummer!

  12. Also, this she mentioned that the offer is good through December 31st.

  13. Thanks so much! My sister, mom, and myself ordered one for stocking stuffers for Christmas.