Sep 202012HEB Coupons and Deals (9/19 – 9/25)

Here are the best deals I spotted at HEB this week. Also, many of you email me to ask which store I shop. I rotate between several different ones. This week’s shop was at the Circle C HEB.

I was kind of disappointed in this week’s deals. There weren’t too many yellow coupons and many of them weren’t all that great. I’m crossing my fingers that next week will be better.

Please keep in mind that HEB prices can vary slightly by region. I can’t promise that you will find these exact deals but they should be pretty close. Also, HEB can be difficult about printable coupons sometimes. I usually have the items that correspond to printable coupons scanned last and I give the cashier my printable coupons first. That way if they won’t take them, it’s easy to void the item.

New This Week


I know some of you prefer to see a full list of all the deals currently available. The list below includes all the items from this week as well as past deals that are still available. Click the “Display All Matchups” Button to see the full list.

Full List of Currently Available Deals


Did you find any great deals at HEB this week? Feel free to leave a comment.

Looking for coupons for items not listed above? Checkout the Saving with Shellie Coupon Database.

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  1. Angela Griffith says:

    Hi Shellie,
    I just wanted to write and let you know that I am now able to see the current HEB sales again. Not sure what my problem was, but it seems to be working now. Anyway, thanks again for all you do, especially the HEB info!
    Angela Griffith, San Antonio