Jan 152010Help for Haiti: Link Up or Comment & I’ll Donate

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Over the past few days my heart has broken for Haiti. I have had the opportunity over the past several years to work in orphanages, impoverished villages and aid in hurricane relief in some of the poorest countries around the world. But the images and survivor stories coming out of Haiti leave me with a heavy, heavy heart.

For those who know little about Haiti, they are the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. About 80% of the population were estimated to be living in poverty on $2 or less per day. 50% of the population are children under 20 and half of them are unvaccinated. Poverty has forced many of these children in slavery as unpaid household servants.

Even before the earthquake their situation was dire. Now, even more so. They need our help for food, water, shelter and medical supplies. There are numerous ways you can help – even if you don’t have a penny to spend. Here’s how:

Pray: Lift up the nation of Haiti in prayer. Pray for peace, comfort, hope and above all for miracles.

Give: There two organizations I personally would like to support:

  • Compassion International: This is an organization dedicated to help children who are living in poverty. With the majority of Haiti’s population under 20, many of whom are now fatherless and motherless, this organization has a daunting task ahead.
  • Red Cross: This is an organization known around the world as one of the first responders in crisis situations. Any amount will help bring food, water and medical supplies to those in need. Donate HERE or Text “Haiti” to 90999. This will send a $10 donation to the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

Regardless the amount you can give, the people of Haiti will be grateful for any amount. When you live on $2 a day, any amount can mean a world of difference.

Blog: Now is the time to show the world how powerful social media can be. There are numerous bloggers around the web today concentrating their efforts to help Haiti. Many of them have creative ways they are helping. It may be a donation for every comment, a raffle for advertising space or a mass prayer vigil. But by visiting their sites and linking up, you can help the Haitian relief efforts. A huge thanks to Money Saving Mom for coordinating the efforts.

Use the linky below to link to your post about how you’re helping Haiti. Don’t have a blog? Leave a comment.

For every blog link posted today (1/15) about Haiti, I will donate $2 and for every comment saying how you have helped, I will donate $1 to be split evenly between Compassion International and the Red Cross.

Thank you for participating. I know together we can make a huge impact.

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  1. thank you for your efforts!! God bless!

  2. I pray for them every morning and every night. I agree that it is just heartbreaking. I also did a text donation to the Red Cross. Thanks for doing this today. I think it’s neat to see so many people working together for the greater good.

  3. I donated to the American Red Cross. Thank you for your donation!

  4. I’m praying for all of Haiti but especially the children. I’ve made a donation to Compassion International.

  5. Thank you for doing this by donating on the amount of comments you get.

  6. Donated to the Red Cross! Thank you for your donation!

  7. Mary Gendron says:

    Great to see so many willing to help. Thank you for the list of more blogs…I’ve already left a comment on pioneerwoman.com and savorysweetlife.com

  8. We sent a check to Church World Service. It is another really good place to send donations. Thanks for your donation.

  9. Stephany Gonser says:

    Thanks for helping – my husband I participate with Compassion International and Bethany Christian Services (supporting an overseas orphan). We’ve already sent funds to help to several organizations including Samaritan’s Purse (link: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php).

  10. Magnifelyn says:

    I donated $10 via text to the Red Cross relief effort. Then I blogged about the Help for Haiti Project, to increase awareness!

  11. Thank you for doing this.

  12. My heart is broken, too. Thanks for using the power of a blog to spread awareness and promote compassion. God bless you.

  13. My pharmacy manager told me about this store in Austin that is doing a shoe collection to send people in Haiti shoes. It breaks all our hearts and even a simple donation of a pair of shoes you don’t seem to fancy anymore will make a difference. Here’s the website I found with more information: http://www.totalrelieffootwear.com/soles4souls-shoe-drive—haiti-earthquake

  14. It’s really great that so many are coming together to help in this hour of need. I have made a small donation to both Compassion & Numana. Every little bit helps & together we can make a difference.

  15. I’ll be giving to Food For the Poor & encourage others to do the same – 98% of their funds go to relief vs the Red Cross at about 60%.

  16. I made a donation via PayPal to a relief operation based at a school that is connected to a missions organization my family supports. It wasn’t much but it was what we could give. Thank you for doing your part to help too. God bless you!

  17. You are very generous! We are donating to the Red Cross.

  18. we felt our family could do this month was contribute our January dining budget to this ministry real hope for Haiti . I know that every small amount of finances people can offer will add up! And maybe making mention of our giving away the monthly dining-out money can help others; motivating them to think creatively on where they can come up with some extra money to serve those in Haiti. Fifty dollars is not a lot, but we can definitely forego eating out (and serving ourselves) and use that money to serve others instead!

  19. Praying now, hoping to donate soon. Thank you for doing this!

  20. We’ve given money, prayed, and are helping to get the word out about ways to give. Bless you, Shellie!

  21. Kelly Summers says:

    Thanks, my prayers are with Haitians.

  22. Prayers to Haiti. May God take care of everyone and bless them. Thank you, Shellie, for helping and thank you to everyone involved in this effort for helping. The only way I am able to help right now is by posting this blog, so thank you for letting me participate. Peace.

  23. Donated through Red Cross~

  24. I love seeing the blogging world come together to help!

  25. We’ve been praying and we donated to Compassion International. Thanks for your heart to help!

  26. I helped by commenting, blogging and linking to other blogs that are giving today. My husband and I also personally donated to Compassion!

  27. My religious beliefs prevent me from telling you specifically how I helped because in my believe when we give in charity, our left hand is not supposed to know what the right hand has done. (IE. Charitable gifts are to be given secretely). But I have done my part and the people of Haiti and the aid workers and doctors there are all in my prayers and will continue to be. May God bless them and protect them.

  28. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you for doing this. Let’s also continue praying for the people, for the government, for an end to the chaos, and for wisdom for the officials.

  29. Willowbeth says:

    Our prayers and aid need to be with these people. We have so much here in this country. I am trying to find an organiztion in Tampa that is accepting goods as well as money. We can all assist out of our stockpiles.
    How shamefull that some people in this country that call themselves Christians are saying that we should not donate to these people!

  30. Bill Maxey says:

    I just donated $100 directly to L’Hopital de la Communauté Haitienne http://www.haitihosp.org/
    Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Haitian-Community-Hospital/249987995813?ref=nf#/pages/Haitian-Community-Hospital/249987995813?v=wall&ref=nf

    This is the only hospital near Port au Prince that offers intensive care, and to say they are overwhelmed is putting it mildly. My friend Phillipe Diederich is working with a group of doctors in Miami to deliver trauma & Orthopedic supplies this weekend. Please donate – time is of the essence.

  31. I experimented with text donations to the Red Cross & the Yele Earthquake Fund (Wyclef Jean related). Haven’t had the time to research the ‘best’ organization to so I just sent what I could for immediate help.

    Really digging this post – I’m going to check out some of the links & post more comments to ‘pad’ the donations a bit! 🙂

  32. Thank you for your generosity. The people of Haiti are in my thoughts and prayers.

  33. Our family sent $100 to Doctors without Borders which has been providing medical assistance from the start in Haiti. Thank you for your generosity!

  34. Donated $10 to Red Cross via text message. Thanks for your donation!!

  35. I work for Staple’s and they donated $100,000.00 to Haiti. I am so proud of this company. Haiti is in our prayers.

  36. We adopted 5 kids from Haiti! I also ran the Disney Marathon last weekend and helped raise $64,000 to buy an ambulance for Heartline Ministries. Thanks for helping Haiti.. we love it dearly..

  37. This is such a fantastic thing that all of these bloggers are doing. Thank you!

  38. Kelly Turner says:

    Thanks for doing this Shellie! I have donated to RedCross to help the efforts!

  39. We have donated blankets and other things to a local organization that is mobilizing supplies.

  40. Bria Grace says:

    I am in the process of putting together a fundraiser selling bracelets, where all the proceeds go to relief efforts in Haiti.

  41. Thank you so much for helping them! We’re donating to a charity at work that is helping their cause.

  42. My daughter, son in law and I have spent our vacations volunteering in Haiti for the past several years. We were planning to go to Pignon, Haiti to volunteer with Haiti Outreach on Feb. 18’th. We are still ready to go if we are needed. Thank you for helping!

  43. Thank you !

  44. We donated to Heartline Ministries. Thank you so much!

  45. Thank you for doing this!

  46. I donated $10 to the American Red Cross via text message and $5 to Yele Haiti also via text message. Thank you so much for doing this!

  47. God Bless You and the people you are helping!

  48. oops…I forgot to say how I helped…

    I donated $50 to http://heartlineministries.org/default.aspx

  49. God bless you!

  50. oh I forgot too…$200 to world vision

  51. I am praying

  52. Wonderful idea

  53. So cool that you’re doing this. I donated some $ to Red Cross.

  54. we texted our donations – thanks for doing this!

  55. Thanks for doing this Shellie! We will be giving at church Sunday to a ministry that is already there that our church has connections with. A couple of our members that are trained in search and rescue and disaster relief are waiting to be deployed as well. http://haitirescuecenter.wordpress.com/

  56. I am praying for those in Haiti, writing on blogs, and will donate to probably the red cross. Thank you for doing this!

  57. Thanks for doing this!!! Every little bit will help!

  58. My husband and I have always hoped to be able to adopt from Haiti. I wish the process could be safely sped up in the current circumstances.

  59. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

  60. Thank you for doing this–it’s wonderful to see all the bloggers doing this!

  61. I know it’s after the 15th but I’ll post anyways.. 😉
    I am donating my Swagbuck points to the cause and commenting on generous blogs like yours. 🙂

  62. thank you for doing this. i gave $25 to doctors without borders, but seeing the generosity of all the bloggers out there makes me think i haven’t donated enough.

  63. Thanks for doing this. We are assembling health kits and giving to World Vision. And, praying

  64. Thank you!

  65. Thank you for supporting those in need, Shellie. I am donating tomorrow to our church conference’s committee on relief.

  66. Hi Shellie,
    I feel exactly how you do.. there are a lot of Haitian ppl in my community and we all feel the same. Let’s pray for them. I gave my part to the Red Cross and will give more soon.

  67. Thanks for the information, Shellie. We donated to both Compassion International and the Red Cross.

  68. We sponsor a child through WorldVision and we are sending a donation through them:) Thanks for donating for my comment!

  69. Thank you

  70. Thank you for doing this.

  71. bless you

  72. Gifts For One Gifts For All Too says:

    Thanks for doing your part to help Haitian earthquake victims.

    I’m giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All (www.giftsforonegiftsforall.com) to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/bit.ly/DONATE2HAITI on how you can receive your eCOUPON for donating.

    If you’re blog is making donations for comments or links made and you want to thank those that have contributed to your blog, contact me at info@giftsforonegiftsforall.com to a eCOUPON you can give those that have help you give.

    Don’t forget to contact me to receive your eCOUPON for doing your part to help Haitian earthquake victims.

  73. Bless you for doing this!

  74. thanks for doing this

  75. My family is praying!!!!

  76. It’s so horrific, the total devastation, I have been praying daily and did text HAITI to 90999, that was an awesome idea. Is there a limit to how many times you can text that I wonder?

  77. http://www.playworksgroup.com sent $200 to Compassion International yesterday. Praying for Haiti. Thanks for what you are doing.

  78. excellent idea! I am donating .25 per comment on my blog

  79. thank you. I will be sharing heartwarming stories that bring hope and a sense of togetherness and friendship for those who are lost and/or suffering; we all can be that friend, that someone who can make a difference, if only we look a little deeper, and dare to think a little greater… in loving memory of ga

  80. Thanks for donating.

  81. God Bless you and everyone for helping.

  82. Made donation through ERD. Thanks for doing this!

  83. You’re doing a great thing!

  84. Donation to Red Cross and lots of prayers. Thank you!

  85. I asked my wife as an early Birthday present (my birthday is in April) to donate $100 to the second collection in church today that goes to Catholic Relief Services that is resent in Haiti.

  86. My heart and prayers are with everyone who lives in Haiti, and the volunteers for their safe trip back home.

  87. Thanks for what you are doing!

  88. God Bless the people of Haiti!

  89. Thank you for donating!!