Jan 032017High-Speed Car Charger | 3-Port USB – $5.99


This High-Speed Car Charger with 3-Port USB is a must for any car! It is on sale for just $5.99 and is great because multiple people can charge their devices at a time. These chargers are perfect for road trips and families with multiple devices that need constant charging.

This charger is good for any mobile device supporting up to 2.1-amp output, it has up to 5.1-amp total output (2.1A + 2.0A + 1.0A) .

  • USB port one: 2.1-amp output for iPads
  • USB port two: 2.0-amp output for Android devices
  • USB port three: 1.0-amp output for iPhones

Snag this today for your car!

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  1. I can’t get this link to work. Is there an alternate route?