Feb 222010*HOT* Victoria’s Secret Reward Card Promo

You may recall this deal from before but the Victoria’s Secret Reward Card promotion is back again. I had great feedback from those of you that participated last time so I thought I’d highlight it again. Here’s the deal:

Today (2/22) and tomorrow (2/23) ONLY Victoria’s Secret is offering a secret rewards card with any online purchase. Just use code SECRETVS at checkout. The rewards cards are guaranteed to be at least $10 but it could be worth $50, $100 or even $500. I doubt there are many $500 ones but I did hear about several people getting $50 cards last go round.

Since you have to pay $5.99 in shipping, the best way to take advantage of this offer is to purchase items already on clearance. Here are three items that would be less than $10 after tax and shipping.

If you actually need something, you may want to take advantage of all the items they have on clearance.

You can turn this into an even better deal by shopping through EBates. Everyone gets 2% cash back and new signups get a $5 signing bonus. Here’s how to shop through EBates.

  • Go HERE and register for a new account
  • In the top right search box where it says “search stores or coupons” type: Victoria’s Secret.
  • The first Search Result shows the 2% cash back option. Click “Shop Now”
  • Once on the Victoria’s Secret website click “Sales + Specials” in the top menu
  • Click inside the big pink “Clearance” box on the right
  • Select “Beauty” and click “Go”
  • Now you’ll be able to select on of the three options I listed above.

Hurry, this offer is only available today and tomorrow (2/22 – 2/23) and all the inexpensive clearance items will go very quickly.

Once you get your order, don’t forget to come back and leave a comment telling the rest of us how much your reward card was! I actually needed a few items so I placed 4 orders. I’m crossing my fingers that I have a higher value card!

(Thanks Cheryl!)


  1. I did this deal and even applied for the credit card and it said the secret rewards card had a balance of $0.00. I thought there was a minimum of $10. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how this works.

    • Erika, The card showed a $0 balance because that is cost – not the value. You won’t know the value of the card until your order comes in the mail. Once you receive your order, you can see how much the card is worth. Then you can redeem it in-store or online.

      If you purchase the clearance items, your out of pocket will be roughly $10. The card you receive will be at least $10. Then head into the store and buy some items that total $10. You can use those items as well as the ones you buy today as gifts and the total cost would be less than $10.

      The real “deal” here is to see if your card is worth $50 or more. Then buying the one little clearance item turns into quite the moneymaker. But that’s a gamble!

  2. Is there a minimum you have to order for the “SECRETVS” code to work? I ordered 1 item that was 12.99 and when I entered the code it said there is a minimum that needs to be met to use this code…:( HELP!

    • Jennifer, I just tried it again and didn’t have any problems. When you are in the shopping bag, make sure you tick the box under “offer code”. Then you’ll get to enter an offer code on a later screen. Hope that helps!

  3. Mine came up as Zero. What does that mean? Did I do it wrong?

  4. Sorry – just read the above comment and it answered my question!! Thanks!

  5. Do you know if the reward card has exp date or just like a give card so you could use it anytime?

  6. The card is valid April 1-30

  7. Thanks for posting I scored some good bargains…can’t wait to see how much the gift is for!!

  8. What if your card is worth more than the items that you’ve purchased? You just get a chance to use it again? I don’t really believe there are cards worth more than 10 bucks..I’m just curious though, I have 4 of ’em 🙂

    Btw it’s the best time to get the secret rewards card, because right now the shipping is free with purchases of $100 and more… and Shellie is right, VS Clearance is SOMETHING!!! Thanks for sharing it with everyone Shellie, not everyone would do that 🙂

  9. I have the same question above. What if you buy 25 dollars worth of items and you have a 50 dollar reward card? Are you out the rest of the cards balance?

    Also, I have like six of these cards. Can I use more than one at a time?

  10. Mallorie says:

    You’re not out the rest of the balance. Also, it’s better just to hand them to the cashier and have them check them all first so you know what you’re working with. I had 6 cards I took into the store and had the value check on…I got 3 $10 ones, 2 $50 AND a $500 one. Pretty exciting! They are out there so make sure you take your cards in and get them all checked. They expire April 30th.

  11. Lindsey Coddington says:

    There are a lot of high value ones. When I was working there, I remember getting several $50 and maybe a couple of $100 and I only worked about eight hours during that promotion or less, so I know there are a good amount of high value ones. I have two right now and I am very exciting to see what they have on them. I am going today !!!

  12. i just checked mine..out of 5—4 were $10..and 1 was $50!! so exciting.

  13. I put in the promo code and it says that it is expired… 🙁 today is the 25 of April

  14. Kareeanne says:

    Well To all of you who think this whole this is faulse, let me ensure you that it is 100% true, I went to Victoria secrets in the mall and Got my rewards card, About 2 weeks later i went back to get a pair of pants that i wanted really bad, I gave them my rewards card, and I was one who recived $500 on my card!.