May 312011How To Tuesday: Extreme Couponing (Part 6)

Topic: How to Use the Coupon Database

If you’re just joining us, I started a How To Tuesday series to help you learn how to achieve Extreme Couponing status. You’ll learn how to coupon shop step-by-step and take your regular couponing to Extreme Couponing. If you’re new, be sure you check out our previous week’s features.

A coupon database is a very valuable tool for saving money. Sometimes you need to purchase items that might not be on sale. Or maybe you come across a killer clearance sale and want to gather your coupons. This is when a Coupon Database will come in handy.

You can find the Coupon Database in the Coupon Section at the top of my site. Click it and you’ll have access to the entire database. To find coupons in the database, you can search several ways. (Click any of the pictures to enlarge)

:: Search By Product Type

One way to search the database is the search for a certain type of product. Let’s say you need toilet paper and aren’t particular about the brand. Just type in “toilet paper” in the search box and all the coupon related to toilet paper will come up.

In the picture above you’ll see the first of many coupons listed for toilet paper. Here’s a quick run down of what information each column provides.

  • Description – This gives the brand and variety.
  • Value – Indicates how much the coupon will save you. It might be a $1 off or a buy one get one free.
  • Expiration – Tells when the coupon expires
  • Source – Tells you where to find the coupon. It might be a printable coupon, one from a Sunday insert or a home mailer. You’ll find all types of coupons in the coupon database. If the coupon is a printable, you can just click the link and be taken to the source.
  • Limitation – Tell what sizes or varieties are included or excluded on the coupon
  • Store – Lists the store where you can use the coupon. If it’s blank, the coupon is a manufacturer coupon and can be used at any store.
  • Blogging Format – This is basically just a recap of all the columns.

If you aren’t brand specific, this is a great way to find a variety of coupons for a particular type of product. This would be a great way to search for toothpaste, shampoo and other type coupons.

:: Search by Brand

Let’s say you are brand specific. In the P&G Giveaway it looks like quite a few of you are partial to Tide. Let’s say you’re running low on detergent and want to find a current Tide coupon.

So just type “Tide” in the search box and you’ll find all the coupons available for Tide products. You could further restrict it so list Tide Detergent if you were only looking for detergent.

:: Search by Type

You can also search by coupon type. Let’s say your store doesn’t accept internet coupon. So, you don’t want to see any printable coupons in your search results. Just click “Advanced Search” below the search bar. This will bring up more detailed search terms.

In this example, for my toilet paper search, I only requested “Regular” coupons as my type. I didn’t want to see any of the printables. The search results only returned regular insert and mailer coupons. However, you could change it to only show printable coupons.

There are lots of other ways to search: by expiration, by specific insert or magazine. The possibilities are pretty endless. I just think these three ways are the most common. So, make your shopping list and search the coupon database to find coupons to help you save.

Experienced Couponers: Chime In! What do you like best about the Coupon Database?

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  1. The coupon database is amazing! I can’t wait to try it out, I didn’t even know it was there! Thank you!

  2. How do I find out what “SS” and other abbreviations mean in your coupon database?