Feb 022010HURRY: FREE Subscription to Fitness Magazine

Wow two magazines in one day! Get a free subscription to Fitness magazine right now through Mercury Magazines.

I always dreaded finding my industry in their list. Tara found the trick! Just select Other Industries>Homemaker and you can get your subscription even if you’re a stay at home mom.

Click quick. I guarantee this will not last long.

(Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!)


  1. it wants MORE MORE MORE information than just other homemaker

    🙁 I dont really feel like getting a bill in the mail

    • In the next section just select other industry->none->none.

      I’ve used Mercury Magazines dozens of times and never received a bill (even though most of the time I chose Agriculture as my industry!)

  2. I couldn’t get it to work. It said that I could selecct three magazines but it only showed fitness and it wouldn’t allow me to choose it. I tried hitting continue and it kept telling me I needed to select a magazine. ANy suggestions ?


  3. mary bossley says:

    did the same to me julie, maybe they ran out already??