Feb 162017Inflatable Soft Air Bag – $19.99


Check out this sweet deal on these Inflatable Soft Air Bag for just $19.99! These are perfect for backyard lounging, taking to the beach, or taking on your next campout!

The Soft Air Sofa is a large bag that you can fill with about 600 liters of air in just a few seconds. It weighs 2.8 lbs and folds up to the size of a potato chip bag. You can use it as a chair or lie vertically, and it holds up to 440 lbs. It is made of quality nylon.

It was designed to create a perfect product for relaxing in any place & occasions such as: Beach, festivals, holidays, travel, camping.Weighs only 1.3 kg and comes in A4 size bag for free, so basically everywhere you go it can go!

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