Apr 182011iTunes: FREE Baby Juno App – Juno’s Piano

I mentioned last week how much I love the Baby Juno Apps. Normally they are $.99. But today (4/18), you can get a free download of the Juno’s Piano app. It’s a really cute one that lets your child play piano with Juno. They can learn songs or have free play.

There are two other Juno Apps. I love the Juno’s Music Learning Adventure one because it has a variety of activities and there are short videos with songs you can watch. Well worth the $.99 They are the same songs from the DVDs so it’s nice to have them on the go. You can also get an app of the Juno’s Musical ABCs book. It has auto play or you can set it so your child hd to touch to turn the page.

Don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch? Don’t forget about the Android App store from Amazon. They offer one free app everyday.