Nov 212012Keurig Black Friday Deals | As Low As $69.99 After Kohl’s Cash

Keurig Brewers are always hot holidays gifts year after year. Stan and I received one two years ago and we love using it. Get great deals right now at Kohls with their Black Friday Sale and coupon codes. Add in Kohls cash for an even better price.

Keurig Mini – $99.99
-Use Coupon Code BLACKFRI for 15% off
Final Price = $84.99 (+ $15 Kohl’s Cash makes it $69.99)

Keurig B40 Elite – $119.99
-Use Coupon Code BLACKFRI for 15% off
Final Price = $101.99 (+ $30 Kohl’s Cash makes it $71.99)

Keurig B60 Special Edition – $169.99
-Use Coupon Code BLACKFRI for 15% off
Final Price = $144.49 (+ $30 Kohl’s Cash makes it $114.49)
*Note: Consider adding $5 more to your order to qualify for $45 in total Kohl’s Cash making it $99.49

Keurig B70 Platinum – $179.99
-Use Coupon Code BLACKFRI for 15% off
Final Price = $152.99 (+ $45 Kohl’s Cash makes it $107.99)

Keurig Vue – $229
-Use 15% off Coupon Code
Final Price = $212.49 (+ $60 Kohl’s Cash makes it $152.49)

These sale prices end Friday (11/23) at 3pm CT

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  1. Karen Rosevear says:

    I just bought the Keurig B40 Elite and only got $15 dollars Kohls cash? Why?

    • Because you need to reach $100 to get $30 in Kohl’s cash. The B40 after the 20% coupon code is $95.99. You would need to add $4.01 to get the $30. Kohl’s has great customer service, call them and see if they can help you after the fact add a small item to get to the $30 level. Good luck!

  2. So I need to spend the full price on the machine then I get an email with kohls cash? If i can’t use it on that purchase then its worthless to me that’s a bad deal to ensure u spend more money at kohls

    • You aren’t spending the full price on the machine. It’s on sale and there is a coupon code. That price is 30% less that the next cheapest option. Factoring in the Kohl’s cash is just an added bonus. You can use the Kohl’s cash beginning cyber monday. Kohl’s sells Kcups. With $15-$45 in Kohl’s cash (depending on the brewer you purchased) you can use it to get a bunch of Kcups for no money out of pocket.

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