Mar 282012LegoLand California Tickets & Resort Deal

If you are looking for vacation deals, there is a great one for Legoland in California. If my boys were just a tad older I’d snatch this up in a heartbeat! I posted this last night but in case you missed it I thought I’d let you know the deal is live now. Here’s the scoop:

Get two nights at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort plus two LegoLand Two-Day Park Hopper Passes for as low as $359 depending on the room type you choose. The Park Hopper includes Legoland, the Water Park and Sea Life. The park tickets alone are usually $110 each for adults and $100 for kids 3-12. So that’s a $220 value Another bonus is that the hotel is adjacent to Legoland and offers a pedestrian entrance so you’ll also save the $12 parking fee. You can also buy multiple vouchers for additional night stays or if you’d like more room.

The downside is that there are a bunch of blackout dates. Be sure you look at them before you buy the voucher and don’t plan your trip during one of these times. Black-out dates: March 28- April 15, May 25-28, Jun 15-Aug 15 and Aug 31-Sept 4. The voucher is valid until 12/31.

I checked Trip Advisor and the hotel has good reviews. They have free wi-fi, the price includes the resort fee and all resort activities are included in the price. This seems like a great deal if you were planning a nice vacation this summer. Sadly my boys are too little…we’ll be having a fun stay-cation this year instead.



  1. I don’t understand why Shellie says that her kids are too little? We went last fall just before my twin daughters’ 2nd birthday. They are already big fans of Legos and they loved the park. They were under 3 so they were free. There were lots of rides that they were tall enough to go on and enjoy. There is also a large area filled with duplo blocks to play with. Be sure not to miss the storybook ride. The water park had an area that was safe for toddlers. The only thing I would recommend is to stay away from the Aquarium. They were frightened by the dark and loud required pre-show and there is no bathroom inside so if you need to change a diaper you have to go to a bathroom outside of the aquarium and then have the child rewatch the dark and loud required pre-show again. We have Steinhart Aquarium and Aquarium by the Bay in our area, so this Aquarium was small and disappointing in comparison.

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