Jan 102013Netflix: FREE 1-Month Trial | Catch Up on Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad + More TV Favorites

One of the easiest ways to reduce your monthly expenses is to eliminate your cable bill. I know tons of people who only use a Netflix membership and have kicked cable to the curb. Right now they are offering a FREE 1-month trial of the service.

The Netflix free trial is for the instant streaming service. This service allows you to instantly watch a movie on your computer. If you have a video game console, Roku box or a new TV that allows streaming then you can watch them right on your TV.

This is a great service and an awesome way to get caught on on TV shows you may have missed like Downton Abbey. You can watch the entire first season instantly. You’ll be caught up in no time. THey also have other TV shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and dozens and dozens of options for kids.

If you like the Netflix instant streaming service, you can continue it after 30 days for just $7.99 per month. If you prefer the newest releases, you can get DVDs in the mail for $2 more and still get the streaming movies too.

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