Oct 292009New CVS Coupon Book

CVS Book

There’s a new coupon book available at CVS. It’s called Season to Save and looks like the picture above.

Inside you’ll find more than $35 in coupons including one for $4/$20. The coupons are valid 11/1-11/25. If you find it, please share where in the store it was.

(Thanks MoneySavingMadness!)


  1. Today I stopped by CVS in South Austin on William Cannon, I went to the Pharmacy and inquired about the Season to Save booklet. The Pharmacist was not helpful, but her Pharmacy Assistant told me she had seen the booklets in other stores, but not in this one and suggested I inqure up front. I found a very helpful Customer Service Representative and she went into the back storeroom and brought one to me. Thank you to her. In this booklet is a $4 Extra Bucks card when you purchase $20. One per household and you must present your CVS card at time of purchase. It is a beautiful gift guide and shows their holiday merchandise and which items will give you Extra Bucks at the register. On the front it boasts “Earn $35 Extra Bucks with card” this includes the $4 card and several items you will be able to purchase over the holiday season. There are no coupons in this booklet.
    Thank you Shellie for all the money you have helped me save.

  2. we just got them in our truck today and they will be up front near the registers and throughout the seasonal aisle since we recieved about 4 boxes. Like the person above said there are no coupons inside besides the spend $20 earn 4 ecb.

  3. The cashier up front handed me one when I was checking out, here in Indiana.