Apr 192017O-Sip Silicone Sippy Lids – $9.95


The O-Sip silicone zippy lid is a spill-proof drink lid that fits over virtually any cup or glass. Simply stretch the lid over the top of one and voila—a spill-proof sippy cup! Perfect for the little “Butterfingers” in your family. These lids are great for families at restaurants, too—no need to bring along a sippy cup. Use O-Sip and turn the restaurant’s glass into one.

The essentials you must always carry in your diaper bag: Diapers, wipes and an O-Sip Lid!  They are incredibly easy to clean. You can pop them into boiling water to sterilize, or throw them in the dishwasher. One piece. No valves. No small crevices. No mold. Now that is clean drinking!

Snag a few of these for your little ones today!

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