Mar 232012Pink Slime | Does Your Grocery Store Have It?

Pink Slime has become quite the hot topic lately. It’s that “lean finely textured beef” which is treated with ammonia, made from low quality scraps and cooking oil and is just a cheap substitute for fresh ground beef. It’s been found in school lunches and many grocery stores. So does your store have pink slime?

Here is a list of Grocery Stores that state they do not sell (or will no longer sell) beef that contains Pink Slime:

Lucky me! All the stores where I regularly buy meat are in the clear (Randalls, HEB and Sprouts).  I’m sure once Pink Slime blows over they will find something else gross in our food but for now I know my ground beef is okay.

What about you? How do your stores stack up?


  1. Ruth Yacko says:

    Thank you for this listing. I was concerned about Sprouts and Major Market a local supermarket with headquarters in Fallbrook, California. I wrote an e-mail to both stores but have not as yet heard from them personally. I am wondering about Major Market, however, since I do not see them on your list. If you could give me any information, please let me know.

  2. Julie W. says:

    yay Kroger! I hope that also includes their affiliates 😀