Jul 172013Plum District Coupon Code | 20% Off Your Purchase


Plum District has two new coupon codes that will save you 20% off a single deal. This is a nice opportunity to get an already great deal for even less. The two codes:


The Back to School code expires today (7/17) so if there is only one thing you want, use that code now and save the Month of Prizes code for another day. Here are a few deal ideas:

I was especially excited about the Wildkin voucher deal. I bought a Wildkin napmat for my second son to use at Preschool a few months ago. I was so impressed with the quality of it, I’ve been searching for another deal to replace the Target nap mat I got last year for my older son. The Target one hasn’t help up well and in addition to be better quality, the Wildkin ones are much cuter 🙂

Head over to Plum District and have a look!

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