Apr 152009Randalls (Safeway) Living Well Promo (4/13 – 5/5)


Randalls is having an INCREDIBLE sale. If you spend $30 on participating items in a single transaction, you will receive a Catalina for $10 off your next order at Randalls. This $30 is BEFORE coupons!

Go HERE for a complete list of participating items. Please double check your tags because not all areas have the exact same qualifying items. If you have a great scenario, please email me or post a comment so I can add it to the list.

I updated the list to just show the item and the corresponding coupon. You may want to purchase coupons on eBay or from The Coupon Master or The Coupon Clippers. Please note before you do so, be sure to factor in your coupon expense into the cost of the item to make sure it is still worthwhile for you to purchase. Depending on shipping times you should get the coupons within a few days.

Note: If you don’t have a big stash of coupons, check out my scenario using only internet printables HERE.

Barilla Plus Pasta – $2
-Use $.50/1 Barilla coupon (SS 3/29)

Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce Pouches – $2
-Use  $1/1 Bertolli (SS 4/5)

Breyer’s Ice Cream – 2/$6 
-Use $.75/1 Breyer’s (SS 4/5)

Bright Green Bleach – $1.49
-Use $1/1 Bright Green coupon HERE OR
-Use $1/1 Bright Green In-Ad Coupon

Bright Green Kleenex – $1.49
-Use $1/1 Bright Green coupon HERE OR
-Use $1/1 Bright Green In-Ad Coupon

Bright Green Napkins – $1.99
-Use $1/1 Bright Green coupon HERE OR
-Use $1/1 Bright Green In-Ad Coupon

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza – $5.99
-Use $2/1 CPK coupon HERE

Capri Sun Sunrise – $1.99
-Use $1/1 Capri Sun (SS 4/19)

Charmin Toilet Paper – $6.99
-Use $.25/1 (PG 4/5)

Del Monte Superfruit Cups – $1.50
-Use $1/1 Del Monte coupon (RP 3/1)

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant – $4.29
-Use $1.25/1 (SS 3/15)

Dreamfield Pasta – 2/$4
-Use $1/1 HERE or HERE

Electrasol Powerball Tabs – $3.99
-Use $2.50/1 (SS 4/19)

Fiber One Pancakes – $3.59
-Use $.60/1 Fiber One (SS 3/8)

Fiber One Pastries – 2/$4
-Use $.50/1 (SS 4/19)

Good Earth Tea – $3.69 (BOGO!)
-Use $.55/1 Good Earth (SS 4/19)
(Thanks My Frugal Adventures!)

Goodlife Dog and Cat Food (4lb) – $4.49
-Use $3/1 Goodlife coupon HERE OR
-Use $2/1 Goodlife coupon (RP 3/8)

Kraft Dressing – $2.59
-Use $1.50/1 Kraft (SS 3/29)

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners – 2/$4
-Use $1/1 (SS 2/8)

McCormick Spices – $2.39-$4.63
-Use $1/1 HERE (or RP 1/18)

Muir Glen Canned Tomatoes – $2.05
-Use $1/1 Muir Glen HERE or HERE 

Nabisco 100 Calorie  – $2.50
-Use $.75/1 Nabisco coupon (SS 4/19)

Newman’s Own Frozen Pizzas – $4.99
-Use $1/1 Newman’s Own coupons HERE 

No Yolks Pasta – $2.50
-Use $.75/1 No Yolks HERE (pg 4)

Precious String Cheese – $3.99
-Look for $2/1 Peelies on the package

Ronzoni Pasta – $1.79
-Use $1/1 Ronzoni (SS 4/5)

Skippy Peanut Butter – $3.29
-Use $.40/1 (RP 3/31 or RP 4/5)

Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks – 2/$5
-Use Buy Spread Get Sticks Free coupon (SS 4/5)

Smart Balance Peanut Butter – $3.29
-Use $1/1 HERE (or SS 4/5)

Smart Balance Spread – 2/$5
-Use $1/2 HERE (or SS 4/5)

Sun Chips – 2/$6
-Use $1/1 (April All You)

Starbucks Ice Cream – $3.00
-Use $1/1 Starbucks coupon HERE AND
-Use $1/1 Store Coupon (From Living Well ad) 
(Thanks My Frugal Adventures!)

Tropicana – $2.50
-Use $1.50/1 Trop50 HERE

Uncle Ben’s Rice – 2/$5
-Use $1/2 HERE

Viva Paper Towels – $6.49
-Use $.60/1 (SS 4/5)

Yo-Plus Yogurt (4-pk) – $2.50
-Use $1.50/1 Yo-Plus HERE

Ziplock Bags – 2/$5
-Use $1/2 (SS 3/15)

Double Dip Opportunities
Double dipping means you are earning a Catalina coupon for buying a particular product AND that same product is part of the Living Well Promo which can result in a $10 coupon WYB $30.

Frenchs Mustard – Buy 2 Get $1 OYNO
LWP Includes: Honey Dijon and Horseradish Varities – $3.19
     Buy 2 Mustards – $6.38
     -Use 2 $1/1 Frenchs coupon (SS 3/16)
     -Get a $1 OYNO coupon

Deer Park Water (AKA Ozarka) – Buy 2 Get $2 OYNO
LWP Includes: 6-pack Bottles – $1.99
     Buy 16 6-packs – $31.84
     -Get 8 $2 OYNO coupons

Ziplock Products – Buy 2 Get $1.25 OYNO
LWP Includes: Freezer Quarts and Gallons – $2.50
     Buy 12 Ziplock Freezer Bags – $30
     -Use 2 $1/2 Ziplock coupon (SS 3/15)
     -Get 6 $1.25 OYNO coupons

Moneywise Moms has a Mr. Linky which links to other blogger’s scenarios and transactions. To check it out, go HERE.

I’m proud to be part of the Grocery Gathering hosted by BeCentsAble. Be sure to checkout the other store deals.

Happy Saving!


  1. Kashi is on the list and probably most of us just got a coupon for a free entree which is about $4 at Randalls.

  2. I am planning on going to Randalls today as well. I will post what scenarios I can come up with.

  3. Awesome list! Thanks so much!

  4. When you’re doing this promotion, make sure you check to see if your Dial soap has the tag that shows it to be a part of the Living Well promo. I’m not sure if it’s like this everywhere, but it was not included as a part of the promo at my local store (in Dallas). I didn’t know why my $10 off didn’t print out at the end, and the ladies at the customer service desk helped me figure out that I hadn’t quite gotten to $30 total because of the Dial soap. (They were really helpful and kind, though! Instead of getting me to do a return and ring everything up again with another item as a substitute for the soap, they issued a $10 gift card so I could get my hungry and sleepy daughter home sooner. I love this store!)

  5. I didn’t have much luck with matching my coupons with the promo items (I could have used my Huggies coupons, but the wipes still would have been more expensive than at Costco). Anyway, the Cottonelle and Viva are good prices this week and it is easy to accumulate most of the $30 that way. They have an in-store ad for .50 off CapriSun so I added some CapriSuns to make the full $30. I immediately took my $10 coupon and used it to buy the boneless chicken breasts and chuck roast that are on sale this week. Probably 5 meals worth for free!

  6. Here is what I did today at Tom Thumb for the Living Well Promo-made a profit of $.31. YAY!!!
    4 Kraft dressing @ $2.49 – $1.50/1 Q = $.99 each
    2 boxes Electrosal tabs @ $3.99 each – $2.50/1 Q = $1.49 each
    1 Dial Liquid hand soap @ $1 – $.50/1 Q = FREE (this item was not marked as part of the Living Well promo either at my store although it was on the list)
    1 jar del monte mandarin oranges @ $2.50 – $1/1 Q = $1.50( The del monte super fruit cups were part of the Living Well Promo on the list also, but when I got to the store they were not marked as part of the promo so I had to get the big glass jar instead)
    1 Kiwi strawberry organic 20oz juice @ $1 = $1
    4 Bertolli pasta sauce pouches @ 2/$4 – $1/1 = $1 each

    These next items are not part of the Living Well promo, I just got them because I could get them for FREE!!
    8 Ronzoni Bistros @ BOGO $2.89 – BOGO Q = FREE

    Now here is the fun part LOL….
    I paid $13.69 and earned back catalinas for $14 off my next purchase($4 for Bertolli, and $10 for Living Well promo)
    I saved $55.29. So I made a profit of $.31.

    Boy, that was alot of work figuring out the best way to do the Living Well promo, but it was fun(my virtual puzzle)! I am pretty proud of myself for putting that one together ALL BY MYSELF!

  7. Hi shellie! So I went to randalls on lake Austin blvd, since they triple and double coupons and my catalina coupon did not print out. The cashier was very friendly and we made sure all the items where on their promotion, sure enough they were. We tried two different transactions with all living well promotion and NO catalina. They finally said that the $30 had to be after coupons in order to get the $10 off. Anyway it was a big fiasco but they were always very kind and professional. They said they have printing out the $10 off before but those people didn’t use coupons.

  8. I was told by my store manager (Cedar Park, Tx) that only one $10 CRT was going to print per Randalls card per week. Although I pushed him on it and he gave me a $10 gift card.

    Shellie says: It sounds like other areas are having much better luck than us Austinites. I have heard from numerous people here in our area that it’s $30 AFTER coupons and now only 1 $10 per week. This isn’t shaping up to be as good as I thought it would be!

  9. I did it again! Yay! Went back to Tom Thumb to roll my catalinas, here is what I got…

    1 box Pringles stix @ 1.79 – $.50/1 Q= $.79 each
    4 bags No Yolks noodles @ $1.50 – $.75/1 Q= $.75 each
    6 boxes Capri Sun juices @ $1.99 – $1/1Q = $.99 each (I also had one Tom Thumb coupon for $.50/1)
    2 boxes Electrosol powerballs @ $3.99 – $2.50/1 Q= $1.49 each
    1 Dial liquid handsoap $1 – $.50/1 Q = FREE
    1 jar Del Monte fruit @ $2.50 – $1.50/1 = $1
    1 head of lettuce @ $1.19 just cuz I needed it

    I used the $14 that I earned Saturday to pay for this.
    I only paid $.93 cash for all of this, AND I earned ANOTHER $10 Living Well catalina

  10. Went back to Tom Thumb today to do the Living Well again, I did two different transactions. Paid for the first one with the $10 catalina from yesterday. Paid for the 2nd one with $16 in catalinas from the first transaction. After paying with catalinas I spent about $.93 cash out of pocket, AND I earned ANOTHER $10 Living Well catalina. So I still have one more catalina to roll the next time I go back to Tom Thumb. I am not going to list the coupons I used since most of these you have seen in my other posts, although I will mention the Joint Juice coupon because it generated some nice overage for me. The Joint Juice at my TT is $1.39 and I used the $2 off ANY Joint Juice coupon, so that is $.61 overage for each bottle YMMV. That and the catalinas is how I got my OOP so low. Anyway, here is what I got…

    6 pouches Bertolli sauce
    6 boxes Barilla pasta
    1 box Pringles stix
    1 Vitamin water
    8 bottles Joint Juice
    1 box Electrosol powerballs
    1 Dial Liquid hand soap
    2.68 lbs apples
    4 two liters Sierra Mist Splash
    2 bags Green Giant steamer veggies
    3 packages O Organics chicken breast(these had peelies on them for 30% off, reduced for quick sale, and these ARE part of the Living Well promo)
    1.04 lbs tomatoes

    Not too bad for $.93 LOL!

  11. Tia @ Tiasavingcents says:

    I am really sorry to hear that they are limiting the deal to 1 $10 per week in your area. I wonder what the ad’s you all recieved say. If it does not spell that out I would probably write the corporate office. Great list Shellie! My stockpile is loving Vons these days.

  12. Shellie- there is a new IP for Starbucks ice cream- making it $1 pint after store coupon and IP. YUM, YUM!! I did an entire run just because I wanted the ice cream 🙂 Link is here:


  13. smart source coupons wont print how do it get them to print.

  14. Jennifer P says:

    The Oro Wheat coupon did not work for me.

  15. Here in Chicago the deals are pretty slim. We have Dominick’s and even though they are printing the catalina we don’t seem to have the great deals you all have. Just wondering if you all are allowed to double coupons at your stores there because here in Chicago we are not. Good Luck to all with your Safeway deals!

  16. Big turn-off: I noticed that some the fruit cups are shipped all the way from China so I skipped them. It’s best to buy local, regional or American foods whenever possible.

  17. Robert Norris says:

    Please convey my concern to your home office that I want the Round Rock randall clerk who was fired today to be rehired as a civil hero and the manager fired.The clerk only aided a purse snatch victim, theferefore a City of Round Rock,TX hero.