Feb 132018Seat Protector w/ Storage Pocket – $7.95

If you have kids, then you know how dirty the back of your seats can get with little shoes! This Seat Protector w/ Storage Pocket is only $7.95, regularly $30!

OxGord is proud to offer you our exclusive Kick Mat Seat Protectors Protect your Car, Truck, or SUV from dirt and mud stains that come from your children s dirty shoes and boots with this set of high-quality kick mats. Easy to Install our kick mats not only protect your seats but give you added storage for toys, pacifiers, cups or whatever your family excursions demand.

This is a two pack that is made of high quality waterproof and stain proof materials that will not mildew or absorb stains. The washable material is easy to wipe clean for a fresh look that lasts for years to come.

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