Oct 262009Target Toy Coupon Book

Target Toys

Hurry over to Target and keep your eyes peeled for their big toy coupon book. There are coupons inside worth more than $400 dollars. You’ll find coupons for everything from Leap Frog to Legos and board games to Wii, PS2 and Xbox. Plus brands like Fisher Price, Hasbro and Nerf.

Attention Target Shoppers suggests that if you can’t find it, you may have luck asking at Customer Service, though I suspect many of you will get a blank look from the employee!

Common Sense with Money says that last year, the coupons in the book were also released as printable coupons. So if you can’t find it, cross your fingers that they do this again.

They all expire 11/25, which is a little too soon to use on Black Friday deals. I Heart Saving Money has the list of coupons HERE.

If you have any luck finding this book or spot any great deals using these coupons, please share.

Happy Hunting!


  1. I got it in the mail last year.

  2. I went into Target tonight and asked about the books. I was told that they will be out in November. They are in the stores, but under lock and key. They will have them in the toy department and at the customer service desk…..at least at the Super Target in Pflugerville.

  3. they were available in Sunday’s paper. Just fyi…