Feb 042009Using eCoupons at Randalls (Safeway)

Randalls is doing a program similar to Kroger where you can load P&G coupons directly onto your club card. To do this go HERE to register. You’ll need to enter your Randalls card number.

Then you can choose the coupons you want loaded onto your card. I found it easiest to just select all the coupons.

I believe when you swipe your card, if you purchased a product that the ecoupon qualifies for, it automatically comes off. I do not think these coupons double BUT I do believe you can stack these will other manufacturer coupons. And remember, Randalls will double those.

If you have any experience with using eCoupons, please post a comment so we all can learn how to maximize savings!


  1. I think the easiest thing to do is print the list of coupons you have uploaded to your card through the P&G site. Then you will know which ones you have while your shopping. They combine with manufacturer coupons to increase your savings. They do not double and can only be used once (each uploaded coupon). Once you use them, you can go back and upload more to your card. Happy Shopping!

  2. Thanks! I didn’t know they only let you use one. But it’s nice that you can reload.

  3. I got told that I am not allowed to use the printed out coupons at my Target anymore. That’s so unfair. Do you get slack for using coupons at places.

  4. Rebecca, Maybe is only that Target location.
    Two weeks ago I used $1/5 100 calories coupons at Target.