Dec 012012Walgreens Coupons and Deals (12/2 – 12/8)

Here are this week’s best deals thanks to Heather at Passion for Savings.


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  1. Hello i have a quick question. Lets say i have 20 coupons for the colgate toothpaste and i go to walgreens and bought 20 toothpastes. Do i have to pay each toothpaste separately and use one coupon for the transaction and each time i will get 1 register reward print out from each transaction? I wouldnt be able to buy 20 toothpaste and use 20 coupons and get 20 rewards in 1 transaction right? Im a little bit confused. Thanks

    • Only one register reward per transaction. So you would need to do 20 separate transactions in order to get all the $1 Register Rewards.