Sep 292009You Asked: How Much Should I Pay?

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I mentioned last week HERE that you will see some new features here at SWS. Today I’m happy to welcome you to the new “You Asked” Feature.

Each Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be tackling your questions about all things frugal. Have a question you’d like answered? Just go HERE to submit it. Now on to today’s question:

How much should I pay for certain items? How do I know when to stock up on something?

That is a great question especially since stockpiling is one of the keys to cutting your grocery budget. Go HERE to read my Stockpiling 101 post if you are new to stockpiling.

I have my own set of stockpile stock-up prices. But, these can vary by region and situation. My prices may not be realistic for you but they can be a jumping off point for you to start thinking about you own list. Here are a few of the ones I’m on the lookout for most often:

Stockup Prices
Bar Soap – $.25/bar
Body Wash – $1
Brownie and Cake Mix  – $.50
Canned Veggies – $.50
Cereal – $1
Cheese – $1.50
Cleaning Products – $1
Condiments – $.50
Cookies/Crackers – $1
Deodorant – $.50
Diapers – $.18-$.24/diaper (depending on size)
Dishwasher Detergent – $1
Face Wash – $1
Frozen Veggies – $.50
Granola Bars – $.75
Juice – $1
Laundry Detergent  – $.08 per load ($2.50 for 32 loads)
Paper Towels – $3.50
Razors – $1
Razor Blades – $2
Shampoo – $1
Soft Drinks (12pk) – $2.25
Toilet Paper – $3.50
Wipes – $.01/wipe

Things I Never Pay For
Dishwashing Soap
Hand Soap

Hey all you veteran stockpilers out there: Do you have any stockpiling tips or price points you think would be helpful? Please share!

This concludes the first edition of You Asked. Have a question you’d like answered? Ask me HERE.


  1. Hi Shellie,
    Great starting point! I personally really like to shop ‘seasonally,’ meaning that I stock up on pasta and canned food items in the Fall, baking items during the pre-holiday baking season in Winter, I over purchase cleaning supplies in the Spring and I stock up on marinades, BBQ sauce and condiments in the Summer. Purchasing large quantities just once-ish per year saves BIG money year round!

  2. Thanks Shellie! This is great and VERY helpful when buying items and knowing whether or not I’m getting a good deal.

  3. I also refuse to pay more than $2/lb for most meat.

  4. Things I never pay for: Don’t forget about free Nuts! Thanks to CVS’s $2 off any 2 Nuts (CRT), I get to stock up on free nuts every couple of months!!!

  5. I always like seeing what other people use as their target prices to see if I am on track. 🙂 Thanks!

    There are a couple of other things I never pay for: shampoo/conditioner, mouthwash, and razors. If you aren’t picky about what you use you can snag these items free at CVS and Rite Aid frequently. Actually, I find I am using better quality shampoos and razors since I started playing the money saving game and the great thing is I never pay for them!

  6. What size are the packs of TP and paper towels that you buy?

    Thanks, this is a great reference.

  7. THANK YOU! I have been needing something like this. This is so helpful.

  8. I try to maintain a small pocket-sized booklet of normal sale prices for my area. It lists price per unit. When the price dips significantly lower than that, it’s time to stock up. I also like the idea of “stock-up” prices.

    The booklet is called Good Cents. It’s on my website. Check it out if you like.

    I’ve only done 3 months of bargain shopping so I’m still a newbie, but this booklet helps me a lot to recognize good buys and avoid bad ones.

  9. This is a really handy list! What would you consider to be a “stock up” price on tampons, pads, and liners?