Oct 202009You Asked: My Register Rewards Didn’t Print

You Asked

This week’s question comes from Lynette:

Often you list Register Rewards and Catalina coupons on your Walgreens and Randalls posts. What do I do when these don’t print? At CVS they can just print them for me but Walgreens and Randalls won’t do that. What can I do?

This is a great question and I often get comments from readers frustrated because their coupons didn’t print. Register Rewards are also Catalina coupons just like the Randalls ones are. You can also get these same Catalina coupons at Kroger and other grocery stores.

Unlike CVS, the individual stores cannot reprint a coupon that doesn’t print on a Catalina machine. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have options if it doesn’t print. All you need to do is call Catalina. Every time I have done this the customer service operators have been kind and helpful.

Before you call, have your receipt in from of you. They’ll ask you information from your receipt like the store location, phone number and date of the shop.

Then call them at 1-888-826-8766 and choose option 3. Once you’ve spoken with the representative you’ll need to scan in your receipt and email it to Catalina. If you don’t have scanning capabilities, the Catalina rep will tell you how to mail it in.

Then just wait for the coupon to arrive via mail. I have never had a coupon not arrive. They are very reliable.

This is my experience in calling Catalina. Do you have any additional tips to offer Lynette?

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  1. Thank u very helpful!

  2. I have way too much experience not receiving my Walgreens Rapid Rewards. Probably from the 2 months of trail & error it took to figure out the system! I just double check on my way out the door and if I didn’t recieve the RR I go straight back in to the counter. I had a manager offer to do an adjustment once but most of the time it seemed that returning & repurchasing the item was the best solution. They are usually agreeable, knowing that you just made the purchase & aren’t pulling sime kind of scam (which I was told is why the Easy Saver Rebate program is gone).

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is extremely helpful considering the Walgreens I go to just throws their hands in the air and says that their is nothing they can do. This will be very helpful 🙂

  4. Thank you for this helpful post. One time the RR didn’t print for me because there was a jam in the machine. The manager simply gave me cash plus tax for the items that would have generated the RR’s.

  5. Err, I didn’t get the monthly RR at walgreens because I used a coupon (?!? I use coupons on everything, hello!) the store did nothing and when I call the catalina company they told me the same thing it was because I used a coupon, so did Walgreens corporate! I told them the ad stated “additional savings in the newspaper!”…guess its just me, I have the bad luck!

  6. Remember that if you redeem a Register Reward from the same manufacturer, you will not get a new RR on your purchase.
    For example, one week you get an RR for buying Tide. The next week there is an RR offer for buying Cheer. If you use the Tide RR for the purchase that included Cheer, you will not get another RR. Tide and Cheer are both made by Proctor & Gamble.

    There is also another reason you might not get an RR. The Walgreens cash register cannot distinguish an RR from a regular manufacturer coupon that has a “family code” of 992. Some newspaper coupons have 992 family codes. If you try to redeem one of these, the register will assume you are redeeming an RR and the same rule about not getting a new RR will apply.

    Look at the bar code on an RR. Locate the numbers “992” underneath the barcode. That is where the “family code” is located on a coupon.

  7. I did what you said and they replied that there is a limited time to do this and I did not get a coupon.

  8. I didn’t get my RR when I purchased the $25 worth of Huggies and used Huggies coupons and RR to pay. My RR were not from the same Mfr. I print or highlight the Mfr. on my RR when I get them so I don’t make that mistake but I guess this is not a fool proof solution. It makes no sense to me because at a previous date I used 1 coupon on 1 item and still got a RR. But I guess when you use too MANY coupons they won’t print. Every time I’ve called Catalina I get a message that the office is closed. Even in the middle of the day and I’m on the East Coast US.

    Does anyone have a list of coupon “codes” such as the “922” or other information on decoding the RR or coupon so I better avoid issues like this? When I lose RR I feel like this is false advertising. Because the ad doesn’t say “cannot be combined with other offers” or something like that.